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Our hope is that the Israeli side is to give up the two-state formules before this occupied policies of this occupation policies, so that both Israeli citizens to implement both Israeli citizens to live in freedom and confidence of both Palestinian citizens.

Question: I want to ask in addition, after this news of Israel originated on the agenda, Hamas’s political office chief has been treated with both the president and the Prime Minister. How does the Palestinian wing on these negotiations look, how do they support? May we have your views on that subject?

Presidential Spokesman Ibrahim Bold: As you know, Halid Torch came after a few days after these news has been exited, here, with our President, we made interviews with our Prime Minister. There is also this issue of course the agenda. Turkey, themselves, have expressed their satisfaction and thanks for the support given to the Palestinian people that they are. Already the whole Palestinian side on this issue, whether Fatah, to get Hamas to get those in Gaza, whether the West Bank Pics, Turkey is not the slightest hesitation in question the sincerity, this is also every chance they already mean they’re right.

The approaches of Gaza, both the West Bank, and Mr. Mahmud Abbas, is also extremely positive. Here they stated that the Palestinian people will make every attempt to breathe. Already the purpose of these negotiations is to implement measures that the Palestinian people will breathe as well as the normalization of bilateral relations.

Question: Turkey last week left behind were subjected to a cyber attack; Some government agencies could not be accessed to the sites of financial institutions and banks. What is the size of the attack, which precautions were taken on this? Is any detection on the point where the attack comes from?

Presidential Spokesman Ibrahim Bold: Only in the President of this, not our units as our units, the Prime Ministry, the relevant other state institutions, but also a series of banks and other organizations as far as the private sector and other organizations were faced with an intense cyber attack. But your hamdol is sprayed back, necessary measures were taken. The need for our institution, there was no serious problem with both of our institution and other institutions.

The sources of this is subject to different views, theories, which are subject to coming from. Even a group of which he met it, ‘We did, we were doing, we said’ Vesaire. Work on this is going on with friends. Currently our corresponding institutions, ie BTK, is our knowledge unit here, our other units are currently conducting a comprehensive study at the Prime Ministry and other institutions.

One; What additional measures can be taken to prevent such attacks again? Two; Can we detect and cut them in your source? Because in all of Turkey, these kinds of attacks can be outside Turkey, wherein any weakness is there a gap? It hasn’t been so far; So the services, internet services Vesaire is very successful, so that attack is wasted at the moment.

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