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The Turkish nation is not the nation sitting. If these folks are well trained in 1520 years worldwide. This folks are a nation that is grace of Allah.

Another patient with memory loss Beatriz in combination with alerts, the power to exit the power is a deadlock

– No, I loved this place. There is a pleasant fascist simplicity. We have a slight job to do. Royal

– No. This is the Bible at my hand. I have marked a place. You will see it says: “Nothing in the world

– $ 150,000 sir. Mr. Ryan does not have a ridiculous figure, even by your standards.

That’s what I told you. Maybe you were right. My boat is perhaps a little dust in this whole realm

– Even in the globalized world, love showed that love is still unexpressed. Today is very interesting two

Different with an idea that drives the promise duel between those who rebelled God to God

All of these things are in fact that God is actually guilty of God with a respected party, or

Three judge. Need three judge for religious court. The most tragic side of this place is scientists, artists and

I am frequently together. I don’t know much about the Torah. There are many people who know Torah here. but

If we will continue to this can at least ask this Holy Man to defend God God

It was a kind of consolation for us on the last bad days. Gave the name of the living Torah. Excuse me. It

The punishment is always unfortunately unfortunately that is not proportional to the crime. There wasn’t everyone outside Noah with a Tufan. God,

Perhaps ordinary people are a reason for the death of a good woman like your mother. Because they are the genocide

The God of Abraham is not doing anything for us! Otherwise you were not delivered to me. Cut! A question to him

I don’t know much about God. Maybe God never changes, perhaps it changes. Perhaps totally mighty

– gave us laws. And also the right to discuss them. I think that even if there is such a terrible subject

No. If you are going to use this vote I also use the criminal vote and the discussion returns again. Definite

But now I say how to die of this way. The important thing is that the numbers have no significance. Of a child.

The only god. The Only King. That’s the answer to everything. Everything is about strength and struggle. And you are … you are

Hitler has an idea. “There is only one God and it’s me.” Hitler is Here aren’t God?

See Ricard. It was a rich man with many friendly outside. But he is afraid of here. – And still

Arese larvae begins to eat tri-sincerely. They do that to get out of there. What kind of god is that

– Can you tell..

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