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We repeat, he is not an asshole.

Grayson Capps was conceived in the back seat of a Pontiac, the son of an Auburn University student and an Alabama preacher who wrote a book (Off Magazine Street) that would never get published. It is a good start for any biography. Capps himself can add little more. He smiles and says: «I write songs about dead prophets disguised as drunken townspeople who go around yelling: ‘Look at me, I’m beautiful too!’ He is part country singer, part bluesman, part preacher, part vagabond and part poet. Rott-N-Roll smells of all that, which, apart from the title of his fifth album, is also the catchphrase with which his followers define their music: a mix of old-time rock, southern soul and country blues, to relate stories of prostitutes, alcoholics and tramps. One from a magazine once wanted to pigeonhole him into a genre and Capps replied, “Well, if Mississippi Fred McDowell sat down with Tom T. Hall and they started drinking Newcastle with AC / DC playing in the background, that might give you a rough idea. of what I do. There is a key moment in his life. That moment is a woman named Ragtime Mary who wears a tattoo with the famous photograph of Johnny Cash doing the comb, has hair on her legs and smells like goats. She and the scene she was a part of caused Capps to leave Alabama and move to New Orleans for years. The woman would end up becoming “Washboard Lisa,” the song that would appear on A Love Song For Bobby Long. In that film we discovered it back in 2004. The film, to tell the truth, is not very there, but it can be seen and also has an immense John Travolta and a fantastic soundtrack (three songs by Grayson Capps and songs by Los Lobos , Thalia Zadek, Magic Slim and Lightnin ‘Hopkins). More than enough reasons to keep an eye on it. It is, by the way, based on the never published book that your father wrote, the Alabama preacher (the one with the Auburn student and the backseat of the Pontiac). Dysfunctional family movie and losers. Memorable is the moment Travolta recommends Scarlett Johansson Carson McCullers’ The Heart is a Lonely Hunter and Capps’s song “Lorraine’s Song (My Heart Was A Lonely Heart)” sung in duet with Theresa Anderson.

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