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We repeat, he is not an asshole. Grayson Capps was conceived in the back seat of a Pontiac, the son of an Auburn University student and an Alabama preacher who wrote a book (Off Magazine Street) that would never get published. It is a good start for any biography. Capps himself can add little more. […]

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In the middle there was a great variety of tenancies, or property regimes, predominating the mezzadria (sharecroppers). Italy also had the most diversified agriculture in Europe. Grains, while important, were considerably less so than in other places. Rice, which produced more than conventional cereals, was grown in the lower Po Valley and along the Adriatic […]

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The most important political and diplomatic problem in the early postwar period was the Cold War. It grew out of longstanding disagreements between the United States and the Soviet Union over what kind of government and economic system produced the most freedom, equality, and prosperity. Faced with the prospect of a postwar world engulfed in […]

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At the dawn of the First World War they were, in order of importance: those of machinery and specialized metal products, those of food products, and those of watches, chemistry and pharmaceuticals. In view of the lack of coal and its scarce iron deposits, wisely no attempt was made to develop a primary steel industry […]

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To counter the shift to English, some Native American tribes have started language immersion schools for children, where an American Indian language is the medium of instruction. For example, the Cherokee Nation initiated a 10-year language preservation plan that involved raising new fluent speakers of the Cherokee language from infancy through school immersion programs, as […]

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Since the 1990s, archaeologists have explored and dated eleven Middle Archaic sites in present-day Louisiana and Florida in which early cultures built complexes with multiple mounds of earth; They were societies of hunter-gatherers rather than settled farmers who, according to the theory of the Neolithic Revolution, believed necessary to sustain such large towns for long […]

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P. fixed his eyes attentively on that woman, raised his body on the sofa, and with an air of irresistible finesse and attention, and with a gesture in which there was respect, supplication, and command, he removed one of the delicious cufflinks from his fist. the shirt, and said: —Have me. Please offer your friend […]

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Some of these obvious injustices were the result of pragmatic concessions, for example to enlist the support of the southern states, which were based on slavery but also reflected the dominant mentality. At the beginning of the s. xix optimism reigned in the young nation. Agriculture was being industrialized and commerce was growing. In 1803 […]

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Monsanto traces its roots to Juan Francisco Queeny, a buyer for a wholesale drug house at the turn of the century, who formed the Monsanto Chemical Works in St. Louis, Missouri, in order to produce the artificial sweetener saccharin from Coca-Cola. . John Francis Queeny (August 17, 1859 – March 19, 1933) began working at […]

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Hybrid of Alabama and Texas (recorded by the way in Shelter, Leon Russell’s label, who assists him on keyboards, after having recorded some demos with Gregg Allman and Dickey Betts in Macon, Georgia, there is nothing …) that nowhere The moment reveals the real age of the kid on the cover, but rather that of […]