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The use of Moondog Labs’ TrueScoop lenses, which anamorphized images to resemble widescreen cinema, gave him some peace of mind when betting on replacing cameras with phones. And with no other declaration of intent than to continue working at all costs, this 35mm lover became one of the last references in low-budget digital cinema.

Mya and her friend Kiki, present since the second meeting, brought Baker and Bergoch up to date on all the gossip in the neighborhood. They screened them and assembled them into a single plot, without underlining, prosecution, or tear toll. The film does not focus on tragedy, pathology or the intersection between the two, which are still common places in most trans stories on the big screen, and gave some satisfaction to those who, in tune with Amanda Kerri, understand that transgender people can be played by cisgender but a trans actor should be taken into consideration first and, above all and please, that cis can write stories about trans but they should stop doing it so badly.

Within the pop universe of 2015, Tangerine – with his deceptively badass appearance, his fringe characters and his misogynistic slang catchwords – was the best counterpoint to the great moment of trans visibility that was the cover of Vanity Fair dedicated to Caitlyn Jenner (transgender white,. millionaire, Republican Party voter and television celebrity – and incidentally, the Tangerine fan who did the most to get Mya Taylor considered for Oscar nominations.) In a crucial year for trans visibility, Jenner and Taylor’s were two extremes of a range of stories that are mostly yet to be told.

The filming of Tangerine took place in December 2013. Since then, a few art galleries have opened in the area, resulting in gentrification. That, together with the fact that part of the street sex market has started to work through the virtual sidewalks of the Internet, has slightly changed the appearance of the neighborhood. What has not changed in him is poverty. It is enough to consult this map of the homeless in Los Angeles, made during three consecutive days in January 2015, to verify that a significant part of the 41,174 registered (16% more than the figure obtained two years before, and increasing) roam the surroundings of the film.

Donut Time has closed for retirement. The iconic status that little by little the establishment was reaching between a small sector of international cinephilia and some residents of the area led some chronicler of gay activism to associate it with Cooper’s Donut, that other cafeteria that in 1959 was the scene of a pre protest. -Stonewall through which the gays who frequented it revolted against the police harassment they suffered.